100 Things to Find in an Ancient Egyptian Tomb

100 Things to Find in an Ancient Egyptian TombThis is a list of 100 different items, with some possible variations, that could be found in an Egyptian tomb. They could be used in a fantasy or historical setting, where the players are looting or exploring a tomb, or in a modern setting, both inside a newly discovered tomb and in a museum displaying recovered artefacts.

Many of the items are valuable simply from the materials from which they were made. Many were also considered to have magical properties by the Ancient Egyptians; in a setting where magic exists this could well be true.

They could also be used to flesh out locations in adventures such as the classic Desert of Desolation or Paizo’s Mummy’s Mask Adventure Path.

To use the table, either roll d100 for a random result or select appropriate ones manually.

Here are some sample results:

39. Grindstone (Used for grinding grain for bread, generally only found in women’s tombs)
40. Headrest (Or weres, used to support the head of a sleeping person, including those at eternal rest, a curved upper section with a flattened base, often inscribed with the name of the deceased)
41. Hypocephali (Small disk shaped object, made from such as stuccoed linen as well as papyrus, wood, clay, bronze and gold, symbolises the Eye of Ra, portraying scenes related to resurrection
and life after death, as well excerpts from the Book of the Dead, used to magically protect the deceased, usually placed under their head, replaced the cow-amulet)

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