100 Things to Find in the Mail

100 Things to Find in the MailThis is a modern list of 100 different things that could be found in the mail. These could be found in mailboxes, postboxes, on the side in buildings and at delivery offices, as well as being on delivery wagons and with postmen.

Most of the items are quite small, and some of them are simply things that would be delivered through a letterbox, or just to a house. Some may be useful and others may not. These can be used to pad out a location or to provide other material to hide more important items in, or could be looted following an apocalyptic event.

To use the list, either roll d100 for a random result or select appropriate ones manually.

Here are some sample results:

28. Computer Components (Such as CD/DVD drives, fans, CPUs, graphics cards, motherboards, RAM and hard drives, both internal and external, probably new but may be refurbished or, in the case of hard drives, have recovered data on them)
29. Coupon (A generic or branded coupon giving a percentage discount or a, probably small, fixed amount of money off a product)
30. Credit Card Offer (Letter from a credit card company, with an imitation card attached, offering the addressee a credit card)

Released: 18th February 2017 Pages: 4

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