100 Things to Find in the Wild West

100 Things to Find in the Wild WestThis is a 19th century list of 100 different things that could be found in America’s Old, or Wild, West, or other genres set in a similar setting, such as Weird West and steampunk, or even a post-zombie-apocalypse version. They could be found in buildings, businesses and on bodies.

Many of these items may be useful for the period; others may require a bit more imagination. Some are influenced more by popular portrayals of the Wild West than its historical reality, and notes are made in such cases.

To use the list, either choose appropriate results manually or roll d100 for a random result.

Here are some sample results:

40. Hard Crackers (Known as hardtack, ships biscuit or pilot bread, commonly the only available type of bread)
41. Harness Bells (Decorative metal bells attached to a horse’s harness)
42. Hat (Flat brimmed straw hats, wool felt hats, such as the top hat and derby, were the most common, the stereotypical cowboy hat, or Stetson, was available from 1865 but not as common as in films, often adorned with hat bands of leather or braided horsehair ornamented with buckles, tacks or silver conchas or disks, the kepi, or forage cap, was used by soldiers and bought as surplus)

Released: 3rd September 2016 Pages: 6

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