100 Valuable(ish) Containers for Treasure

100 Valuable(ish) Containers for TreasureTreasure is a common item found by players; indeed, it can be one of the most important items for some, especially in OSR games where treasure is related to experience gained. The treasure itself may be covered at different levels of detail, but what about the containers that it may be found in?

Some of these containers may themselves have value. Perhaps not as much as the treasure itself, but they could still be worth something. Here, then, are 100 different containers that treasure could be found in. Some are definitely containers for storing valuables, others are simply containers that have been pressed into use as such and others have been used to wrap stuff up in and are not technically containers as such.

To use the list, either roll d100 for a random result or select appropriate ones manually.

Here are some sample results:

31. Casket – Decorated on the lid with a marquetry design of geometric shapes using different types of wood, this primarily walnut casket has an integral lock. The lock is nothing special, being really only good enough to keep the casket closed, and the casket itself is only six inches long by four inches deep and three high, so it can be easily taken. The lid is attached by two
brass hinges inside the box, which is also lined with black velvet. Value: 10 gp
32. Cauldron – Made from cast iron, this is a substantial 3’ diameter cauldron with three short, stubby feet on its base. The cauldron has a lid, which is also made from cast iron and which has a small, curved handle on its top. Value: 5 gp
33. Chest – Made from dark-stained and steel-reinforced oak, this chest appears fairly standard, with a good built-in lock surrounded by a steel plate. The chest has a flat top and the lid is attached by steel hinges from inside. (The chest has a false bottom that can be lifted up. Beneath it is a shallow hidden compartment that will not hold anything much thicker than a small
gemstone but otherwise stretches the length and breadth of the chest. This compartment is moderately difficult to find.) Value: 50 gp

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