Tomes of Alchemy

Tomes of AlchemyThis supplement describes in detail 20 different books on the broad theme of alchemy that are suitable for a fantasy setting.

The books are generic, and can be used with any game system. They cover a variety of different topics associated with alchemy, including metallurgy, potions, poisons, ingredients and charlatanism.

The appearance of each book, along with its size, weight, number of pages and estimated value, are all described, and the contents are covered in more detail. There are also notes on how the book could be used in a game.

Here are some of the book titles:

Nature’s Bountiful Poisons by Gelral

The Alchemical Properties of Teeth by Bres Aligollon

Magical Monsters and Potion Making by Hovan Kantak

Reviews for Tomes of Alchemy

“My opinion – this is cool! Though players may find its in-game use sort of limited, its contents can add an entirely new and unexplored dimension to game play.”

Andrew J. (five stars)

“Easy to create hooks and plots with the books as the goal or the books guiding the way to the creation of some lost lore. 

Darryl J. (four stars)

Released: June 6th 2015 Pages: 14

PDF ($1.99): DriveThruRPG, RPGNow

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