Twenty Things to Find at Easter

Alexas_Fotos / Pixabay

For an Easter-themed game, roll 1d20 on the following table to add some Easter-themed dressing.

  1. Basket (A woven wicker basket, perhaps decorated with such as bunnies and chicks)
  2. Bunnies (Plush toys or plain polystyrene ones for decorating)
  3. Chicks (A yellow fluffy chick, or perhaps a plain one made from such as polystyrene for decorating)
  4. Chocolate Easter Bunny (Probably hollow if large, down to solid smaller versions)
  5. Chocolate Easter Egg (From tiny, solid or filled individual eggs, to larger hollow ones, possibly filled with other candies)
  6. Chocolate Mould (In shapes such as bunnies, chicks and eggs, together with chocolate and icing for making eggs)
  7. Daffodils (Freshly cut real daffodils, or possibly artificial ones)
  8. Easter Cake (An iced fruit or sponge cake decorated with such as eggs, rabbits and bunnies)
  9. Easter Card (Greetings card with images such as eggs, chicks, bunnies or religious scenes)
  10. Egg Hunt Basket (Made from such as plastic, metal or wicker, with a handle, probably brightly coloured and may be bunny themed)
  11. Egg Hunt Sign (A colourful sign, some with ribbons for hanging, others on a stake, usually with an arrow and writing denoting the location of an Easter Egg Hunt)
  12. Fillable Eggs (Artificial hollow eggs, often plastic, that can be filled with such as small candies or sweets, in different colours)
  13. Floral Wreath (A decorative wreath with either real or artificial flowers)
  14. Hanging Eggs (Decorative eggs, made from things such as polystyrene or even china, in different colours, from plain to patterned, with a ribbon for hanging them up)
  15. Hot Cross Bun (Spiced sweet bun, typically made with raisins or currants but may be with orange-cranberry or apple-cinnamon, with a pastry cross on the top)
  16. Palm Cross (Small cross made from palm fronds, or perhaps a similar substitute)
  17. Palm Leaves (And branches, fresh and dried)
  18. Peeps (Coloured marshmallow candies in shapes such as bunnies and chicks)
  19. Simnel Cake (Fruit cake with almond paste or marzipan, decorated with eleven, or possibly twelve, marzipan balls)
  20. Twig Tree (Painted trees, usually white, made from a twigs, used for hanging Easter decorations on)

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