100 Encounters in a Fey Forest

100 Encounters in a Fey ForestForests in early settings can be strange sometimes, but forests inhabited by the fey can take this strangeness to whole new levels.

This supplement has 100 different things that could be encountered by players when travelling through a fey forest. Some of these encounters are potentially beneficial and others are potentially dangerous. Some could be both and others are just plain odd, encounters that may puzzle players but have no real impact.

The supplement is also available in a Pathfinder version. Both copies are not needed.

To use the list, either roll d100 for a random result or select appropriate ones manually.

Here are some sample results:

29. When passing a brook, a suitable skill check reveals there is something unusual about the flowers growing along the shore. The blooms are in the shape of a cup, and they’re filled with sweet liquid. An appropriate knowledge check reveals that these are wine blossoms. Those who pop off the top of the flower can drink what’s inside, treating it as a cup of sweet wine.
30. When going down the trail, an appropriate check reveals what sounds like a large herd of horses in a nearby glen. Those who investigate find a herd of unicorns, with a particularly powerful, black stallion at their head. There are also a number of centaur shepherds, enough to be dangerous, who are safeguarding the herd. One shepherd will approach to inform them this area is off-limits. It is the domain of the White Horns, and no outsiders are permitted without the consent of the stallion. If the party remains at the border for three days, the stallion will come, and judge whether or not to allow them near. The party must have no evil-aligned members. If someone makes an appropriate diplomacy-related check (with a bonus for every good-aligned member of the party), the stallion will allow them to approach his herd. The party must come unarmed, and unarmored, but the stallion promises they will be safe if they do no harm.
31. All around a large, flat rock are several animals. A stag, a boar, a fox, a rooster, and many others. These animals are wearing crudely-made hats and capes, and on the rock before them are simple cups, along with a teapot. They look up at the party as they pass, and several of the animals raise a paw to try getting the party to come nearer. If they do, it becomes clear that the animals would like someone in the party to pour tea, and seats are made for them. The animals will be courteous if the party stops, chittering and chattering. As the minutes progress, though, the speech becomes more human. The animals begin changing into men, the curse they were under beginning to break. If the party asks, they disrespected a fey lord’s hospitality, and he cursed them to be as beasts until they remembered how to show their manners as men.

Released: 3rd February 2018 Pages: 17

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