100 Irrelevant Notes and Letters to Bamboozle Players

100 Irrelevant Notes and Letters to Bamboozle PlayersPlayers will often find notes and letters when searching for clues during adventures. Those that are detailed in full tend to be important – and therefore easily identifiable as such. It is unlikely that only important material will be found, so here are 100 irrelevant, yet important-looking, notes and letters to find.

None have any importance, unless a GameMaster decides otherwise (they could perhaps be used as adventure hooks or tweaked to steer players). The majority are suitable for any setting or genre, although a few may need tweaking for modern settings. Names and places can be added or altered to ones relevant to a particular setting.

As well as the main list, there is a supplementary list of 12 different conditions to find notes in.

To use the lists, either roll d100, or d12 for the supplementary table, for random results, or select appropriate ones manually.

Here are some sample results:

56. My Lord, why do You no longer answer my prayers? Why is Your voice absent from my mind? Have I not done everything You asked of me? Have I not sacrificed everything for You? Please, why do You not respond? I must know what it is that You wish me to do. My family are all dead, sacrificed at Your wish to advance Your glory. What must I do to regain Your favour?
57. My Love, I cannot wait until we are together again. The thought of you and our, too short by far, time together is all that is keeping me going. Those incomparable nights, those feelings like nothing I have ever felt before. I cannot get them out of my head, nor do I wish too. Soon, I hope, we will be together again, and never parted. Your Beloved, S.
58. Mrykle, The ship is departing early than expected, in only three days hence, but the shipment is even larger than predicted. Move to intercept them off the point and then return once you’ve acquired the goods. We’ll sort out the cut for you and your crew when you get her. Darvus.

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