100 Light Sources to Find in a Dungeon

100 Light Sources to Find in a DungeonAlthough dungeons are not always lit, many areas of them do have light, in one form or another. Some of these lights may not be very effective at actually illuminating an area, but they are present.

This list provides 100 different sources of illumination that players can find in a dungeon. Some are fairly plain and ordinary; others are clearly magical in nature. Some can actually be hazardous and others may be puzzling. Most are not inherently valuable, as lights made from precious metals are more suited to treasure than a list of light sources. Not every light is suitable for every location, as some are more suited to areas nearer the surface than others.

To use the list, either roll d100 for a random result or select appropriate ones manually.

Here are some sample results:

36. Flames – A roaring column of cold blue flames 3’ in diameter stretches from the floor to the ceiling, apparently encased inside by a cylindrical but invisible and intangible force. The flames don’t move beyond their area of confinement and the area near them feels cold, not hot, with the temperature dropping as the flames are approached until it becomes unpleasant and frost starts forming on characters’ items.
37. Flask – A large clear glass alchemical flask has two liquids inside, one blue and one red, which are churning together and emitting a violent purple light as they do.
38. Floating Candles – Many 1’ tall white candles float in the air of the room. The candles gradually burn down, vanishing when they do to be replaced by another, identical candle. If a candle is removed from the room, it will also vanish.

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