A Baker’s Dozen of Post-Apocalyptic Traders

A Baker’s Dozen of Post-Apocalyptic TradersAfter an apocalyptic event, not everything is destroyed. Some survivors will try to keep going in the ashes of civilisation, and where there are people, some are going to try and sell things to each other, whether these be products or services.

Here are thirteen different traders that could be found in a near-future post apocalyptic setting. Most post-apocalyptic settings should be suitable, as long as there are some areas of reasonable security, although the traders described are most suited to settings a few years, or perhaps a few decades at most, following the event, rather than hundreds of years afterwards.

Here is an example trader:

Joe’s Diner: Neither a diner any longer nor run by anyone named Joe, this former diner now serves as a seller of strong, home brewed spirits of variable quality.

Released: 11th November 2017 Pages: 8

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