100 Female Luchadora Names

100 Female Luchadora NamesThis supplement is a list of 100 names that GameMasters can use for female non-player characters or players.

The names are all in the style of lucha libre,  the professional wrestling game associated with Mexico and developed in that country and whose wrestlers, or luchadoras, are greatly associated with the striking masks that many of them wear.

The names are in Spanish, with English translations, and can be used in a wrestling RPG, or even as the names of superheroes and villains if the concept is broadened a bit.

To use the list, either generate a random result using d100 or select appropriate names manually.

Here are some sample results:

36. Grande Mamá – Big Mama
37. Guerrillera – Guerrilla Girl
38. Hechicera – Sorceress

Released: 23rd July 2016 Pages: 2

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