100 Detailed Things to Find in a Dungeon (PFRPG)

100 Detailed Things to Find in a Dungeon (PFRPG)Dungeons are a common element in fantasy settings, especially in those that have an Old School feel to them. Players can encounter many different things in a dungeon, as they are not static places, and a GameMaster may not always have time to create dressing to make them seem less empty. Anything described in detail may be believed by players to be important, and those that are important need hiding amongst those that aren’t.

Here are 100 different things that players could find in a dungeon. There are items of random junk, weird things that look important but aren’t, the occasional valuable item and some things that are just plain puzzling.

To use the list either roll d100 for a random result or choose appropriate ones manually.

The supplement is also available in a system neutral version. Both copies are not needed.

Here are some sample results:

90. Tablet – A fragment from what would appear to have originally been a large granite tablet. There are some fragmentary runes inscribed on the piece, but they are too damaged and are missing too many parts to tell what they say.
91. Torches – Three dead torches have been formed into a tripod. They fall to the floor if touched.
92. Trap – A large, obvious trap of the type used for catching mice and rats is here. It hasn’t been triggered and it still has a lump of cheese. The trap is, however, 3’ long, suggesting that it’s designed for very big rats. Should a player be foolish enough to remove the cheese, they will trigger the trap. Giant Rat Trap XP 600, CR 2: Type mechanical; Perception DC20; Disable Device DC20. Effects: Trigger touch; Reset manual. Effect Atk +10 melee (4d6+6); trap shuts on creature requiring a DC 20 Disable Device check, DC 20 Escape Artists check or a DC 02 Strength check; creature is unable to move until then.

Released: 9th September 2017 Pages: 10

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