100 Detailed Things to Find in a Dungeon

100 Detailed Things to Find in a DungeonDungeons are a common element in fantasy settings, especially in those that have an Old School feel to them. Players can encounter many different things in a dungeon, as they are not static places, and a GameMaster may not always have time to create dressing to make them seem less empty. Anything described in detail may be believed by players to be important, and those that are important need hiding amongst those that aren’t.

Here are 100 different things that players could find in a dungeon. There are items of random junk, weird things that look important but aren’t, the occasional valuable item and some things that are just plain puzzling.

To use the list either roll d100 for a random result or choose appropriate ones manually.

The supplement is also available in a Pathfinder version. Both copies are not needed.

Here are some sample results:

50. Journal – A sodden journal bound in brown leather. The pages are stuck together and all the ink has run. All that can be made out from the ruin are “Watch out for” and “ahead.”
51. Key – An ornate brass key, 6″ long. The head, or bow, of the key is in the shape of a fanged skull, and the shaft has been shaped into the form of a bone. What it unlocks is not clear.
52. Knight – A single knight piece from a chess set. The knight is made from black painted wood and has some chunks missing from it.

Released: 18th March 2017 Pages: 9

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