100 Items to Find in a School Biology Lab

100 Items to Find in a School Biology LabThis is a list of 100 different items, with some alternatives, that could be found in a modern school biology lab. Some of these items may be useful, as they could be used for treating injuries or growing plants, whilst others are less so.

The items include laboratory equipment, organ models and means of growing plants, dissecting creatures and other biology investigations. The items could be looted from a school following an apocalypse, or simply found during a normal investigation.

Either roll d100 to get a random result, or select suitable ones manually.

Some sample results are:

50. Magnifier (Small, hand-held magnifying glasses in different sizes and magnifications, may have a built-in light)
51. Malt Extract (In a small bottle, broth or solids)
52. Medical Swabs (Individually wrapped sterile swabs for cleaning the skin)

Released: 12th March 2016 Pages: 3

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