100 Less Than Useful Books to Find on a Fantasy Bookshelf

100 Less Than Useful Books to Find on a Fantasy BookshelfPlayers may come across shelves of books in places such as wizard’s lairs or libraries, both public and private. Some of these books may be useful or important or needed, but what about the others?

This is a list of 100 different books to stock a bookshelf in a fantasy setting with. Each book has the name, author and description of the contents. None of the books are particularly useful, but a GameMaster can give players a brief overview of the books they have just found. Of course, the players needn’t know that the books aren’t that useful.

The books have a selection of both fiction and non-fiction – although the latter is not the same as factual. They probably have a small, intrinsic value in a period when books are not as common, but nothing major.

To use the list, either roll d100 for a random result or select appropriate ones manually.

Here are some sample results:

35. Horseshoe Forging by Gerribut Smith – Non-fiction, a needlessly detailed account on how to make horseshoes
36. House Xidane: A History by Garius Xidane – Non-fiction, a historical account of an obscure noble house
37. Howling at the Moon by Thrannok Kryzac – Fiction, a collection of tedious werewolf poetry about hunting, the wilderness and the moon

Released: 24th December 2016 Pages: 7

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