100 More Things to Find in a Supermarket

100 More Things to Find in a SupermarketThis modern list has 100 base items, with many having multiple possible alternatives, that could be found by players in a supermarket, or other similar shop, such as a convenience store.

These could be found by players looting a store following a disaster, such as a zombie apocalypse, whilst looking for food or supplies. Items range from useful to simple clutter. Players may also find these whilst involved in a normal investigation.

To use the list, either roll d100 to select a random result, or choose appropriate items manually.

Some sample results are:

56. Painting Accessories (Such as rollers and trays, paint brushes and white spirit)
57. Pancakes (Including blintzes, scotch pancakes and crepes)
58. Pans (Of different types and sizes, including frying pans)

Released: 14th November 2015 Pages: 4

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