100 Pamphlets or Seminars on Dealing with the Supernatural

100 Pamphlets or Seminars on Dealing with the SupernaturalIn a society where the supernatural and occult is commonplace enough that there are organisations intended to deal with them, both private and governmental in nature, such organisations will have training material available for new recruits to help them deal with it. This material may only be available to members of such organisations, but if knowledge of the supernatural is widespread enough, they may also be available to the general public.

This is a list of 100 different pamphlets, seminars or training booklets, or other appropriate material, that such organisations may well produce, run or distribute. Each has the, sometimes cheesy, title, plus details on what the material covers. Whether or not a player will actually gain a benefit from studying such is up to the GameMaster, but a small boost in relevant situations could be considered.

To use the list, either roll d100 or select appropriate results manually.

Here are some sample results:

36. I Don’t Believe It! Denial is Just a River in Egypt – How what you do not understand or believe in can still kill you
37. I Had a Dream: Interpreting Your Nightly Visions – How to interpret dreams and what they mean
38. I See Dead People: Communicating with the Restless Dead – What tools and abilities are needed to communicate with the spirits

Released: 28st January 2017 Pages: 7

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