100 Things to Find at Christmas

100 Things to Find at ChristmasThis is a modern list with 100 different items, with some possible alternatives, that could be found during the Christmas period, or looted after an apocalyptic event that happened during that time.

These could be found during the progress of an investigation or whilst looting. Some are simply clutter that can be used to flesh out a location, whilst others may be more useful.

Some sample results are:

35. Gift Boxes (Cardboard, or possibly metal, boxes in colours such as red, gold, silver and green, in different sizes, possibly with ribbon and bow attached, may have Christmas scenes on them)
36. Gift Wrap (Different types, such as paper or foil, and in different colours, such as gold, silver, red or white, possibly with Christmas images, such as Santa Claus, reindeer or holly wreaths, or with messages such as “Merry Christmas” on it)
37. Icicle Lights (For fixing to the roofline of a house, probably mains powered, usually white or blue, but possibly multicoloured)

Released: 6th December 2015 Pages: 4

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