100 Things to Find in a Garage

100 Things to Find in a GarageThis is a modern list of 100 different items, with some possible variations, that could be found in a modern garage, vehicle repair shop, or possibly supplier to the same.

This includes a lot of potentially useful items that could be looted after an apocalypse, or simply found during an investigation. These could be used to repair vehicles, as improvised weapons, or simply as clutter.

To use the list, either roll d100 to select a random result, or simply choose appropriate ones manually.

Some sample results are:

49. Lug Wrench (Cross-shaped wrench for removing wheel nuts, ending in different sized sockets)
50. Mask (Facemask, from simple cardboard to those with filters, and spares, to use when spray painting)
51. Oil (Of different specifications, including full or partly synthetic, in plastic one or five litre containers)

Released: 26th September 2015 Pages: 3

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