100 Things to Find With a Metal Detector

100 Things to Find With a Metal DetectorThis is a modern list of 100 items, with some variations, that could be found by players whilst they are using a metal detector. This could be whilst they are looking for something specific, and these are the more random finds they stumble across. Some may be useful, and some are valuable. Some may be dangerous.

Although much may be junk, valuable items could be sold in games with a sufficient degree of realism. Alternatively, they can just be used for scene dressing.

To use the list, roll d100 for a random result or select appropriate ones manually.

Here are some sample results:

39. Earring (Probably a singleton, in different styles from hoops to studs to dangling, may be costume or precious metals such as silver, gold and platinum, studs and dangling may have gemstones)
40. Explosives (Unexploded explosive devices, such as bombs, mines or land mines, only found in areas subject to bombing or military use, or possibly mined beaches in some areas, may be a very
real threat)
41. Fish Hook (Small metal hook)

Released: 6th August 2016 Pages: 3

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