100 Zombie Encounters for the Zombie Apocalypse Now Available

100 Zombie Encounters for the Zombie Apocalypse100 Zombie Encounters for the Zombie Apocalypse is now available to buy from DriveThruRPG and RPGNow.

This is a list of 100 different encounters for the zombie apocalypse that are intended to be more interesting than a group of zombies ambling down the street.

7 thoughts on “100 Zombie Encounters for the Zombie Apocalypse Now Available”

  1. I’m struggling to buy this at DriveThru RPG. There only seems to be a discounted price, which is no longer valid’ I’d be happy to pay the full price’ if only I could buy it.

    1. That’s odd. Is it that you are having problems adding it to the cart on DriveThruRPG? Have you tried RPGNow as well? It might be a problem with the site itself.

      1. I’m having the same issue on RPGNow, yes. I can add the item to the cart, but when I get to checkout an error message appears; ‘INVALID DISCOUNT URL: PLEASE CHECK NOTIFICATION FOR EXPIRATION DATE AND CUSTOMER’. I would love to buy this item, I think it would be great inspiration for my current campaign. It’s rather frustrating.

            1. Okay, it sounds like a problem on the site’s end. I’ve emailed tech support; would you be able to email support as well please? The Contact Us button is on the bottom left of the site. It may be that they can track the problem down better with your input, especially if you can send a screenshot.

              1. I’ve heard back from OBS (it seems the first email went astray). Apparently you had an item in your cart with an expired discount. Tech support say they’ve removed that item so you shouldn’t have a problem checking out now.

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