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Last Few Hours of the GM’s Day Sale

944010 / Pixabay

There’s less than a day left for the GM’s Day Sale on RPGNow, so this is the last chance to buy the 49 supplements that are in it at a discount of 30%.

Take a look at the full list here.

Three More Pieces of Stock Art

Image: Fat Goblin Games

With the GM’s Day Sale ongoing on RPGNow, I’ve reinvested some more earnings into another three pieces of stock art from Fat Goblin Games.

These are three more pieces of Lovecraftian art for the ongoing Tomes book. The pieces purchased were Cthulhu, Mi-Go and Yithian. I think that’s enough stock art of this type¬† for the supplement now.

GM’s Day Sale on RPGNow

944010 / Pixabay

From now until March 17th the GM’s Day Sale is running on RPGNow.

We have 48 supplements in this sale, with 30% off the regular price.

Take a look at the complete list on RPGNow and grab a bargain!

Complete Your Collection Sale on RPGNow

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The current sale on RPGNow is Complete Your Collection.

This sale only applies to Bundles (of which we only currently have four) and in it you can buy any products you are missing from a bundle at a reduced price.

The only Bundles we have are the various Names bundles, but take a look at them on RPGNow.

Another Three Pieces of Stock Art Purchased

Hound of Tindalos
Image: Fat Goblin Games

Once again, I’ve reinvested some of the earnings into stock art. These are three pieces from Fat Goblin Games – I discovered last night that they were in the last few hours of a sale (must have missed the original email) and that, after the sale, the artwork was going to go up – substantially.

So, I purchased another three pieces of Lovecraftian stock art for the Tomes book that is (still) being worked on. These were Hound of Tindalos, Byakhee and Rat Thing. I suppose I could have purchased the other artwork in the series, but I had no immediate, or even planned, use for it. Hopefully, this won’t be regretted at a future date when it costs many times more than it did.

Two Pieces of Stock Art and a Modern Cover and Page Backgrounds Purchased

Elder Thing
Image: Fat Goblin Games

I’ve reinvested some of the money in buying three things from Fat Goblin Games. Two of these are pieces of stock art, both Lovecraftian in theme, a picture of an Elder Thing and one of a Deep One. Both of these are intended for a new Tomes supplement that is being written.

I also got the modern cover and page backgrounds set. All the other templates purchased so far have been from Lord Zsezse Works, but they don’t have a modern design as yet. I may not use this new template set much, and I may switch should Lord Zsezse come up with a modern set, but it was bought at the discounted price of only $1, so it’s not a huge expense even if it only gets limited use.

Black Friday Weekend Sale on RPGNow

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RPGNow’s Black Friday Weekend Sale has now started, and runs for just under another six days.

Thirty six of our published supplements are in this sale at a discount.

Find the complete list on RPGNow.

One More Template Set Purchased

Demonic Template SetI’ve reinvested some earnings into another one of Lord Zsezse Works‘s excellent template packs, Demonic.

This is one of the sets that comes complete with back covers, as well as the standard front covers and papers.

Admittedly, this is another set that I have no planned, or even thought of, uses for; it was bought because it was on offer at a good discount. Still, it will undoubtedly be useful at some point.

Halloween Sale on RPGNow

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It’s the Halloween sale on RPGNow, and many items have been discounted by a third.

Twenty one of our titles are in this sale, so take a look at the list and grab them whilst they’re reduced! The sale lasts for the next week.

Another Two Template Packs Purchased

Celtic Template PackI’ve purchased another two template packs from Lord Zsezse Works on RPGNow. These are the Celtic and Elves 2 templates.

Elves 2 Template PackNow, I don’t have any immediate plans – or even any future plans – for these, but the purchase came about because they were part of a charity bundle product I purchased from Fat Goblin Games, which included a variety of other items, including some horror stock art portraits – something else I don’t yet have a use for.

These two template packs have the normal four sets of covers and papers seen in the other packs, but these also have four sets of matching backs as well.

I’m sure they will prove useful at some point and, like the others purchased, they are really very nice.